Legal aid and training

The Organization provides legal aid services to widows and orphaned children who cannot afford lawyers’ fees. It involves counseling, preparation of court documents and where necessary, representation in courts. Under this program, widows are trained on their rights, basic laws and by-laws that directly affect their daily lives or are likely to affect them. Also, the program deals with sensitization of community members on widows, orphans, and vulnerable children’s rights. Since 2010 to date:

  1. The Organization had established 10 women paralegal centres in Bukoba and Missenyi districts. These centers have two major tasks:
    • To work with vulnerable women and children in their respective areas in raising their legal literacy
    • To work as the voice of voiceless women and children by attending their rights violation practices
  2. 325 widows and orphaned children have received legal aid services that included among others counseling, preparation of court documents.
  3. 53 widows and orphaned children with disinheritance and grabbed family properties had their cases run by the Organization.
  4. 978,000 women and other members of community had been educated and sensitized on women’s rights to inherit family and/ or matrimonial properties Marriage Act (1971)